Driving App Installs for an Innovative Fin-Tech Start Up
The client
SimplyPayMe is a global payments company. Providing businesses with a full mobile payments infrastructure, the brand has evolved from a simple lead-generation platform to a fully-fledged payments, invoicing and software solutions provider.
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Global FinTech brand SimplyPayMe tasked us with driving new sign-ups to their app at scale from tradespeople and merchants who take payments on the go.

As mobile payments become a prominent feature of an increasingly cashless society, with 70% of UK consumers saying they would rather now pay without using cash, and a $1.5 trillion global flow of C2B payment in 2018, it is a critical time for SimplyPayMe to capitalise on the trend towards mobile payments and grow their customer base.

The sign-up process requires users to input various business and banking credentials, which presented a challenge for our team as we had to drive highly qualified users to the app (to account for user drop-off during the sign-up process). Therefore, our focus went beyond the initial install, and we optimised to post-install actions.



Our mobile strategy focused on targeted three distinct groups:

Competitor Conquesting: We reached B2B consumers who were actively searching for alternative on-the-go payment providers. For these users, we foregrounded the messaging that SimplyPayMe doesn’t require a card reader (i.e. payments can be processed just using your Smartphone).

Early Tech AdoptersOne of our strategies sought to reach B2B consumers who often process payments on-the-go and are early adopters of new technologies – this audience was a ‘quick win’ for SimplyPayMe.

Traditional Trades: A harder audience to convert, but one with big potential. We looked to reach professionals working in trades which often receive payments on-the-go but are slower to adopt new technologies and digitised invoicing. For these audiences, we tailored our messaging to showcase the low transaction fees available through SimplyPayMe

The above strategies were achieved through targeted media buying across Apple Search Ads, paid social and in-app display.

improvement in Cost per Install
improvement in Cost per Merchant Sign Up
increase in Install to Subsequent Open Rate

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We’re a startup trying to do big things, working with some large companies. We managed to create one of the most difficult situations imaginable which Tipi and the crew sorted flawlessly. Despite anything we threw at them to make their lives difficult and nights sleepless (and believe me we did our best), they never complained, never hesitated and always pulled through. I have nothing but praise for this company and it’s employees.
Kent Vorland CEO at SimplyPayMe App