Brighton SEO Fringe: The Highlights from ROAST’s Paid Media Team

Brighton SEO Fringe: The Highlights from ROAST’s Paid Media Team

George Stolton • 25/04/2023

Last week, it was the third BrightonSEO Fringe Event, the most recent offshoot of the (much larger) Brighton SEO conference that has been running for over 13 years now. The Fringe event covers PPC, Paid Social, PR, and Measurement as areas of focus with 12 talks for each throughout the course of the day.

The PPC and Analytics team here at ROAST got to watch some great speakers have covered off our thoughts of the experience below.

George Stolton – PPC Director

It was my first time attending Brighton SEO Fringe and it did not disappoint. I spent the day at the Paid Social Show which covered a great range of subjects, from the future of advertising in the Metaverse down to the nitty gritty of account auditing. Presentations were engaging throughout and gave plenty of inspiration for new approaches, while others helped reassure that we all face similar struggles in this industry and that there are always methods of adapting and overcoming them.

Highlight of the day: The possibilities of the Meta Pixel – Help it to help you.

Adam Lounis – Data Executive

This was my second time at BrightonSEO’s Measurefest and once again, it was a fantastic experience. The event provided an excellent opportunity to hear from industry leaders about their perspectives on the major changes happening soon, such as the phasing out of Universal Analytics and the shift to a “cookie-less” world and what we can do to prepare for this as best as possible. The talks offered a great balance of accessible and in-depth content with a much heavier focus on visualisation and CX compared to last year, which allowed me to reinforce my existing knowledge and learn new topics. Special shout-out to Rio Ichikawa, who flew all the way from Japan and gave a great presentation on “How to maximize your website’s conversion rate”. It was great to hear her own experience of enhancing her company’s CVR, highlighting what to include and avoid when setting up a website.

Highlight of the day: How to maximise your website’s conversion rate.


James Dawkins – PPC Account Manager

Brighton SEO Fringe festival was a great opportunity to hear from like minded advertisers on the challenges we face in the industry. The message which was most consistent was the need for brand advertising in a time of uncertainty to ensure our clients are top of mind once the audience is ready to purchase. This was mentioned across talks on Search and Social, B2B, B2C, and B2A (Business to Avatar) in the Metaverse.

Highlight of the day: Best Content : Advertising in the Metaverse, Best Delivery: Why your meta ads aren’t working (and what to do about it)

Max Knight – PPC Account Executive

Brighton SEO Fringe Festival provided great insights into the increasingly automated landscape, from ChatGPT to platform specific automated updates, and how these can be beneficial for all advertisers looking to stay up to date with the latest trends, and if these really will be the future of Paid Media. As well as this, how marketers can continue to measure performance across channels as transparency and privacy are becoming more prominent for consumers, such the IOS14’s privacy changes, highlighting that short term goals may be the way forward and making decisions based on anticipation for future demand.

Highlight of the day: Diversifying your paid social platforms


Edward Squires – Senior PPC Account Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Brighton SEO’s fringe event this year, hearing from a variety of advertisers from across the Paid Search and Paid Social landscape. It was interesting to see an array of different challenges and the approaches and solutions that they were able to share. It would be good to continue to see this gain traction and continually introduce new brands and advertisers to the event.

Highlight of the day: Content wise – Business Intelligence within product feeds. Delivery wise: How to build recession ready marketing strategies

Jacob Bennett – Senior PPC Account Manager

There was a large mixture of content that was accessible and understandable to a wide audience base regardless of prior knowledge / industry. Whilst overall this is beneficial, it does come with some limitations, such as no content scratching far beyond the surface of the topic. That said, it was 100% beneficial to be present in a talk even if the topic is known and it is always helpful to have an understanding reaffirmed.

Highlight of the day: How to be a data story-teller


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