Friday ROASTing with Charlotte Thomas
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing with Charlotte Thomas

ROAST • 22/11/2019

Each month we sit down with one of our ROASTies to find out what makes them tick, what they love about their job and our company culture here at ROAST. In the hot seat today – Charlotte from data and analytics.

You’ve been showing us all up with the darts competition, where did you learn your  great darts skills?

I had never actually thrown a dart before we moved office earlier this year, so it’s just been a classic case of practicing as and when I can against a few other competitive spirits lurking around the office (they know who they are). It’s been a great addition to the company culture, makes for a great break from my screen every now and then and has added an extra unexpected string to my bow in terms of sporting skill, so thanks TIPi Group for that.

You work in the data and analytics department, did you always know you wanted to work with data or was it more of a journey?

My role here at ROAST is Data Visualisation Executive. I essentially liaise with the account directors and client teams to establish what performance reports need to be created for each client and then visualise them. With that in mind, I look at where their data is coming from, what data they want to see and map it together to morph it into the reports they’ll use on a regular basis to understand how their marketing efforts are performing. Additionally, every now and then I chip in with some fun data viz work for the marketing team.
In terms of how I got here, I actually achieved a BA in Geography before starting this position here at ROAST, this involved a lot of data collection techniques for both quantitative and qualitative analysis, so I knew I had some good transferable skills for the role. A lot of human geography (my preferred area of the subject), is about looking at society on a local and global level and using different kinds of data to make sense of human behaviour. One minute I’d be writing an essay on the cultural significance of music across the world, the next I’d be constructing line and pie charts to visualise survey responses about the role of social media in peoples everyday lives for example. There was never a dull day and it gave me a good analytical pathway into the data visualisation role I work in here today.

What chances do you think the TIPi NETS  have this year? 

Our last season was a tough one, with a lot of players not only being new to netball, but also chucked in at the deep end with a fairly high standard league. In my opinion, we’ve 100% got this! It’s a new year and a new era for the TIPi NETS. We’ve got a great mix of our strong experienced players with some exciting new additions to the game, who I’m sure will add some awesome untapped talent, strength and focus to our play. All I can say is… Watch out London! TIPi NETS are warmed up and ready to take the title.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

By far, the most rewarding part for me is when you get great feedback on the aesthetic and functionality of a report from both the client and your account team. Every client needs their report to work in a specific way that delivers the poignant insights to help answer their burning performance questions. Adding the essence of their branding to the overall look, gives it that personalised and professional edge that I think elevates the overall purpose of the report. With that said, when I send off the finished article and the client feels as though I’ve captured what they’re looking for, it sets me up for the week nicely and lets me know I’m doing my job right.

Finally, for all the foodies out there, what would be your go to lunch hot spot and why?

Without a doubt, it would have to be Co&Ko on Berwick Street. The food tastes great, and the portion size is perfect for such great value. A few of us have been multiple times using the Nez App (if you haven’t used this app before, definitely check it out as the discounts and locations are well worth it). My two favourite dishes would have to be the Chicken Katsu or the K-Pop Chicken for sure. They’re wholesome, delicious and keep you full for the rest of the afternoon. Well worth the trip… you’re welcome in advance.

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