Friday ROASTing with Omotayo Mustapha
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing with Omotayo Mustapha

ROAST • 25/10/2019

Each month we sit down with one of our ROASTies to find out what makes them tick, what they love about their job and what they love about our company culture here at ROAST. In the hot seat today – Omotayo from Mobile and Display. 

Name one thing you’ve noticed about TIPi Group company culture since starting with us at ROAST?

As soon as I joined at ROAST I noticed the really calm and welcoming atmosphere, people are chatty and friendly which makes the whole place feel brighter and more alive. In terms of work life, there’s a nice balance between independence and collaboration and the company culture is very homely.

Tell me your go to Nando’s order?

I like to keep it simple. Half chicken hot, two peri chips and three wings. I could go extra hot, but I think it tips the balance to becoming more spicy than flavourful, and I’m not out here trying to flex. Ketchup on the side because my names Tayo, but I don’t do mayo.

What makes a great display and mobile ad?

So, as a Display and Mobile Account Manager, I handle and execute client comms as well as activation of both display and mobile-in app client campaigns. Although this role is new for me, in many ways it’s also an extension of my previous role so it still has a sense of familiarity.
What makes a great ad? A punchy creative, and a simple and direct call to action. If you have an offer to run on top of this then you’re golden.

There is a great picture of you in a big old poncho, this must be from previous travels? Where is next on your travel list?

The picture of me, is me at my hippiest, living it up in the driest desert in the world – San Pedro de Atacama. I left for my travels in February and started with carnival in Rio de Janiero, which is still the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. Got back from travels in June, and the rest is history.
Next? I really want to go to Japan or South Korea or both! I love anime, I love their art styles, and I think they’re just have such a cool but wacky tech culture that I would vibe with.


How do you keep your teams and colleagues motivated at work?

I’m an energy person. I tend to try and inject laughter either with a funny life experience story or a classic debate on which chocolate is best (Kinder Bueno).
I’m also part of a whistling troupe with my colleagues Sarah and Matt, where we whistle classic songs to keep the vibe going. We’ll be up for event hire come 2020. £500 per hour. Tell your friends.
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