Friday ROASTing with Daphne Xenakis
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing with Daphne Xenakis

ROAST • 21/02/2020

Each month we sit down with one of our ROASTies to find out what makes them tick, what they love about their job and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. In the hot seat today – Daphne from SEO.

Daphne, you are a Technical SEO Account Manager at ROAST, could you please explain your role to the fans?

As an AM, I look after the client account and try to steer them in the best possible technical direction. I also look after a small team of Execs and act to set the standard within the team in regards to the quality of work that we put out. Working with the Account Director, we present a strategy to meet our clients’ business needs from a technical SEO perspective. It’s a cross between technical wizard, project manager and dream enabler.


You are quite the foodie Daphne, what’s your favourite food hall at the moment?

I’m really enjoying the new Market Hall West End. I’ve sampled a lot of the food there and Roti King is definitely the best. There’s also a rooftop bar there I want to try, think it would be quite nice for a date. My rule of thumb with food halls is to get a selection from all over and share it with a friend; that’s my favourite way of doing it.



Before becoming an SEO boss lady, you were in PR- why the switch?

I studied PR at university, which required a year in the industry. I ended up working for a digital marketing company where I was introduced to SEO and PPC. My head was turned and after graduating from my PR degree gravitated towards SEO roles. I definitely fell into it!

My experience taught me that it’s vital to follow what excites you; career paths are never straight. SEO became what I enjoyed more than PR so I pursued it, however all my experiences within PR still help me in my current role and definitely helps give an alternative point of view.


Do you have one piece of advice for someone starting their career in SEO?

My advice would be to always be open to learning. Working in digital is a constant re-learning process; be open to trying things and learning new skills. Also, read. Things are constantly changing, make sure you stay up to date on what’s happening in the SEO community as the industry is so dynamic.

Lastly, if you’re always asking yourself why or how it can be better, you are doing it right. More than one piece of advice but, hey! I’m a giver.


On Halloween, you were a pretty impressive Catwoman, are you a big Marvel/DC fan? What is it about this genre that you love?

Thanks! I’m a big fan of fantasy in general. I used to run the press rooms at London Comic Con, did my dissertation on MCM Comic Con and Rituals and presented my findings actually dressed as Wonder Woman – talk about a nerd alert.  The best thing about the genre is there are no limits; you can disappear into a different universe and potentially be whatever you want to be. Next on my radar is Poison Ivy so I’ll keep you posted.


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