Intern to SEO Pro

Intern to SEO Pro

James George
James George • 03/10/2022

Are you ready to feel like an SEO pro and gain confidence fast?

We are very proud that at Brighton SEO in October 2022, our Senior Account Executive James George will be taking the stage to give his insight on how he went from an Intern to an SEO Pro!

Make sure you catch his talk but in the meantime check out what James will be discussing…


Since joining the SEO Team here at ROAST (after a brief stint in PPC in 2020) James has progressed from SEO Intern to a Senior Account Executive. In his talk, James will guide beginner SEOs, and anyone interested in SEO, through his tips and exercises to build confidence as an SEO. These are packaged up into a handy ‘SEO Tool Kit’ made up of five key tools:

  • Keyword Research: 

Perhaps the first task handed to any SEO, keyword research can involve sifting through a minefield of keywords and metrics spread over an intimidating spreadsheet.

  • Reporting and Data Analysis:

How do you comment and understand the performance of an unknown and unfamiliar client? More than that, how do you help your client to understand this?

  • Client Communication:

Whether it be written or verbal, communicating with clients can be overwhelming as many of us SEOs would rather stay behind the scenes. However, it isn’t all that bad!

  • Technical Fixes:

The fear of breaking a client’s website is enough to put any beginner off even touching a CMS. 

  • Industry Knowledge:

To become an SEO genius – surely you have to know what’s happening in the industry at all times! But how do you keep up with it all? 


Look out for James at the conference centre and if you’d like to see him take to the stage, head to Syndicate 3 & 4 at 10 am on Thursday morning. 


See you in Brighton!