Key Events Impacting Media Planning in 2024

Key Events Impacting Media Planning in 2024

Alex Sheppard
Alex Sheppard • 06/03/2024

2024 will be full of opportunity for media planners to take into consideration the impact of events on the media landscape. Ahead of this, ROAST’s Insights team have assembled a calendar of the key 2024 dates to put in your diaries, available to download below.

Elections in Russia, the USA and the UK could change the face of global politics, sporting events like the Olympics and the Euros are set to conjure up excitement (and possibly more disappointment for England football fans) and releases like Gladiator 2 will bring consumers to the cinema.

From the USA to Iran: Global Elections and Their Profound Impact on Media

Elections not only dominate media coverage, but they also impact advertising costs as political parties, candidates and interest groups spend heavily.
US political ad spending in 2022 eclipsed previous midterm cycles and even the 2020 presidential elections. Costs on Meta were approximately 15% higher than typical Q4 levels and prices on Connected TV were at least 20% higher (R/GA).
Make sure to account for these surges in your forecasts, and consider down-weighting budgets as the election day draws closer.

The Paris Olympics, UEFA Euros 2024, Twenty20 World Cups and More: Navigating an Endless Stream of Sport

Major sporting events like the Olympics and The Euros attract a massive global viewership, dominate TV broadcasts and streaming services and drive heightened social media engagement.
During the 2022 Men’s Football World Cup, 811 million accounts engaged with official FIFA social channels, FIFA’s number of TikTok followers doubled to 12 million fans and the official FIFA-hosted Robolox experience attracted more than 9.6 million visitors (InsideFIFA).
Sponsorships and TV ads mean brands can reach large and diverse audience, and with 46% of Millennial sports fans having subscribed to SVOD services specifically for watching sport in the last year (Deloitte), brands can now align with premium sports content without needing multi-million pound advertising budgets.

Using Upcoming Blockbusters to Create Blockbuster Marketing Activity:

Big blockbuster releases often go side-by-side with extensive marketing and promotional campaigns, just look at the role of Barbie’s incredible marketing campaign in generating excitement for the film’s release.
Cinema is a powerful medium to generate brand awareness and as a high attention channel, planners can take advantage of engaged audiences. Audience analysis can uncover what genres and films your audience are likely to go and see. A parent of young children might be seen at Despicable Me 4 in July while action (or Ryan Gosling) fans are likely to see The Fall Guy in May.

An Exciting Year Ahead

2024 is going to be exciting and full of opportunity. Media planners need to take into consideration the impact that events like the elections and sporting events will have on the media landscape and especially costs, but there’s also an opportunity to get creative and create content or target events that align with your audience’s passions.

Download the ROAST Q1-Q2 Insights Calendar:

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