Key Events in Q3 & Q4 Impacting Media Planning in 2024

Key Events in Q3 & Q4 Impacting Media Planning in 2024

Alex Sheppard
Alex Sheppard • 23/05/2024

An Exciting Q3 & Q4 Await

2024 is full of opportunity. Media planners must take into consideration the impact of events on the media landscape. To help with this, ROAST’s Insights team have assembled a calendar of the key 2024 dates to put in your diaries, the Q3 and Q4 of which is now available to download below.

Elections in Russia, the USA, and the UK could change the face of global politics, sporting events like the Olympics and the Euros are set to conjure up excitement (and possibly more disappointment for England football fans) and releases like Gladiator 2 will bring consumers to the cinema.

Download the ROAST Q3-Q4 Insights Calendar:

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