Local SEO Matters — Be the Talk of the Town

Local SEO Matters — Be the Talk of the Town

ROAST • 25/01/2021

Getting ahead of other service-area and brick-and-mortar businesses is tough. If your company targets nearby customers, having a solid local SEO strategy will take your game up a notch.

What’s local SEO? From the term itself, it’s a fundamental branch of search engine optimization. This basically focuses on reinforcing your stance at your local ground. Common searches like “restaurants near me”, “cafes in —”, “pizza takeout”, and more apply to this case.

People are much more likely to go to a physical store they found through a phone search and the majority of consumers will search for a business online to confirm its existence before visiting it for the first time.

Through local SEO, companies and businesses can strengthen their relationship and reputation on their own turfs. In other words, build a loyal following of clients and customers while at the same time, attracting first-timers or tourists.

Word of mouth simply isn’t enough these days. To get by, you’ll also need to adapt to the new wave of tactics brought by technology. With that said, it’s also difficult to find a trustworthy team that can help you get started.

ROAST is a multi-award winning full service marketing agency in London. We aim to help our clients transform their business. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to gather data that will ensure our strategies’ effectiveness.

Our team provided in-depth SEO efforts for a computer software company here in the United Kingdom who recently said, “Together, we’ve successfully delivered 8 website migrations this year and we are queuing up the next 9 migrations for 2021. Through the completion of the IA project, we’ve seen an 18% increase in organic traffic. We have greater visibility of our keyword ranking across multiple topic areas and sectors and actionable recommendations for improvement.” – Head of Web Experience, Computer Software Firm

The Manifest, Clutch’s sister company, also recently recognized our efforts. ROAST can be found on the company directory pages in The Manifest’s lists of top SEO agencies in the United Kingdom. These recognizations and our clients’ appreciation just proves our initiative and drive to help local businesses.

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