SEO Scaries

SEO Scaries

Jamie Ross-Skinner • 31/10/2019

The world of SEO is usually a joyful land populated almost entirely by rainbows and unicorns, but just sometimes it gets just a little bit spooky…
Here’s our list of the Top 10 most terrifying things that can happen to your website:

1)      Ghost Pages

An antique of SEO – It’s like a long lost twin, emphasis on lost, you better panic because there’s a page out there unconnected to your website ecosystem. 


2)      Cloaking

This ghoulish black hat tactic might end up getting you banished from the Search Engine Index!


3)      Complete Indexation

 No amount of conjuring will help you if you haven’t indexed your site. A simple spell can help you find out whether you have indexed your site.


4)   Unsecure hypertext transfer protocol 

Like children running from a haunted house, definitely a living nightmare, an unsecure page will have potential clicks bouncing away in terror. 


5)      Duplicate Content

Nothing’s spookier than your content not ranking, and sometimes this will happen because its too freakishly similar to something else on your site. Talk about seeing double.


6)      204 – no content

Knock knock, who’s there? 
No one, because you’ve got no content. 
Not to be confused with a its also-scary cousin, 404 – not found


7)      206 – partial content

Like Nearly-headless Nick or a Zombie missing a couple of limbs, having partial content is almost as spooky as having none…


8)      Page 2 of the SERPs

Waking up of Page 2 of the SERPs is a bit like being in the film 28 Days Later. It’s quiet, your traffic has deserted you, empty shopping trolleys litter the streets…


9)  Redirects dropping

 Redirects send users from one URL to another, when they drop your users are left with nowhere to go. A bit like being lost in a forest at nightfall with a broken compass and a torch that’s just run out of batteries. Kinda spooky.

10)   Dead (broken) links

Of course we love links, but dead links can really come back to haunt your rankings like ghosts with unfinished business.

Of course, with ROAST at the wheel the above will never happen to your website!