TIPi Group feature in The Sunday Times’ Best 100 Small Companies to Work For list for the Third Year Running
TIPi Group Culture

TIPi Group feature in The Sunday Times’ Best 100 Small Companies to Work For list for the Third Year Running

Jamie Ross-Skinner • 20/02/2020

We’re proud to announce that TIPi Group have once again featured in The Sunday Times’ list of Best Small Companies to Work For.

Our perfect record of making the list for the past three years running reflects our longstanding commitment to creating a workplace culture in which all of our employees can thrive in a supportive and friendly environment geared towards continuous learning.

TIPi Group was founded on the belief that a strong culture leads to great work, and our rapid growth from five to sixty people since the launch of our first agency ROAST in 2015 has proved this culture-led approach to growing an agency network to be highly successful.

The four agencies within TIPi Group (ROAST, Kitty, The Market and Rabbit & Pork) are all tied together by the silver-thread of one unifying culture, hinging off our values of Collaboration, Purpose, Authenticity and Restless Minds.


TIPi Group were awarded a BCI Score of 743.5, calculated by our performance across Best Companies’ eight Workplace Engagement Factors:

  • Leadership – How employees feel about the head of the organisation, senior management and the organisation’s values and principles
  • My Manager – How employees feel about and communicate with their direct manager
  • My Company – The level of engagement employees feel with their job and organisation
  • Personal Growth – How employees feel about training and their future prospects
  • My Team – Employees’ feeling towards their immediate colleagues and how well they work together
  • Wellbeing – How employees feel about stress, pressure at work and life balance
  • Fair Deal – How happy employees are with pay and benefits
  • Giving Something Back – The extent to which employees feel their organisation has a positive impact on society


Best Companies highlighted that TIPi Group’s most impressive statistics form the survey included:

  • 95% of staff agreed: I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the success of this organisation
  • 95% of staff disagreed: People in our team don’t care much for each other
  • 88% of staff agreed: I am inspired by the person leading this organisation


The TIPi Chiefs softball Team is one of our many out-of-office initiatives which promotes culture within the agency network



To find out more about what its like to work at TIPi Group, have a flick through our Benefits Pack.

If you’re interested in joining the team then check out our current open roles and get in touch.

Or if you’re completely new to the industry, sign up for our Entry Level Talent Scheme, TIPi Academy.