TIPi Group’s 8th Birthday: Eight Great Facts about TIPi
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TIPi Group’s 8th Birthday: Eight Great Facts about TIPi

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 02/02/2023

The 2nd of February marks the 8th birthday of TIPi Group, we hope you can join us in celebrating as we reveal eight of the greatest facts about TIPi.

So, what eight great facts about TIPi are there? Read on to discover what makes TIPi tick…

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1. It all started with ROAST…

Back in 2015, before TIPi had formed, it all started with ROAST and has since grown in specialty and size, launching web design & development agency, Kitty in 2017, and later voice experience specialist, Rabbit and Pork, in 2019.

2. TIPi is global!

TIPi is not limited to just London. With three offices worldwide, TIPi is transforming the world, with our Cape Town office hosting wonderful team members, and our latest, brand-new Bristol office is making moves into offline media services! You might have seen Lynsey Rollinson, our Bristol office figurehead, mentioned in Campaign magazine only last week.

3. We’ve grown more than 1300%

In 2015, five passionate people, led by CEO Ollie Bishop, set out to build an agency where people were the central pillar of the business, and 8 years on, TIPi Group comprises 70 people. That’s pretty spectacular. This year alone we have had 4 new starters across our SEO, Paid Media, and Marketing departments! Our ninth year is shaping up to be our most talented yet…

Whilst this growth is definitely something to speak up about, we are dedicated to retaining our agency sizes so that no one is lost, and no service levels are diluted.

Quite simply, passion isn’t about scale.

4. And we’ve received a fair few awards over the years too

We are proud to have won many prestigious awards over the years. In total, we have won 49 awards, and it’s so rewarding to be recognised for the outstanding results we have achieved for our clients, our innovative approach, as well as being named ‘Best Digital Agency’.

5. We know how to celebrate our wins

And we celebrate together, on holiday, abroad!

Over the last eight years, we have visited a variety of different countries, including company holidays skiing and to Portugal and Cape Town – next stop Alicante, Spain!


6. Ambassador program

We have recently introduced an ambassador program, which assembles some of our most creative and restless-minded individuals into a team of 10+ strong TIPi ambassadors. From now on, our ambassadors will act as representatives for TIPi in an exciting opportunity to speak on stages at events including BrightonSEO and the Richmond Forum.

7. What does TIPi mean?

Depending on who it is that you ask, TIPi goes to mean a variety of different things.

In short, TIPi stands for ‘This is Pi’, aligning with our ‘We are X’ that precedes each of the agency names, but the reference to Pi stems from the Pi symbol in our ROAST logo.

Secondly, we pride ourselves on putting consumers at the centre of all of our strategies. Each client is different, meaning that each of their target bases holds separate tribes of people. At TIPI, we look at customer mindsets as tribes, rather than simply as data.

On top of this, a tipi is a place of dwelling for tribes. Aside from consumers, the idea of tribes also feeds into the idea that each agency in the group owns its own discipline. Despite being different, each agency has a unifying goal.

Lastly, tipis are the travelling homes of tribes, representing restless minds and adaptability, things that makeup some of our core values here at TIPi group, all agencies as a community under one roof.

8. People first

And 8 years later, people are still and always will be at the heart of what we do. Indeed, CEO Ollie Bishop sheds a light:

‘Having launched my first business at the age of 26, I have led by instinct, which has been moulded from knowing what’s important to me – and that’s people and surrounding myself every day with those who inspire me, and I respect’.


With all this to celebrate, we can’t wait for our 9th year!


Interested in learning more about TIPi Group please contact us here or if you would like to contact us relating to any of our services you can find out more information on each of our agency websites, ROAST, Kitty, and Rabbit & Pork.