TIPi Group Launch Workplace Wellness Campaign
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TIPi Group Launch Workplace Wellness Campaign

Jamie Ross-Skinner • 09/10/2018

‘Wellness’ sometimes sounds like a fluffy concept.
People presume it’s only about quinoa, smoothies and hot yoga.
But wellness isn’t just about keeping up with the latest health trends – it’s really much simpler than all that.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as:
“The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”
Suddenly it doesn’t sound so fluffy.
At TIPi Group we understand that health, both mental and physical, have a huge impact on any business, and as an independent we have it within our power to enable every member of the team to be as healthy as possible.
Our benefits pack shows the ways in which we encourage a healthy mind and body; from gym discounts, to mentorship schemes, to our legendary company holidays.
We’re proud of the environment that we have created here and we’re proud of the recognition these achievements have received; this year we’ve been named one of the Sunday Times’ Best Small Companies to Work For, and last month we picked up Best Agency Culture at the UK Agency Awards. We’re proud of our high levels of staff satisfaction and retention, and of the friendships that have been fostered within and across our agencies.
But we’re not content to rest on our laurels.
Over the next week we will be running a Workplace Wellness campaign, focussing on mental and physical health at work, looking at how they can be improved, and how they can become ingrained into company culture.
We will be sharing content made within the TIPi Group, as well as external thought-leadership and research, with the aim of demystifying Workplace Wellness, celebrating the strides forward being made in this field, and highlighting simple ways in which anyone can improve their own mental and physical health. We hope to spark conversations between employees, clients, and other agencies – sharing experiences, insights and new ways forward.
On World Mental Health Day (10th October), we will be unveiling a unique project which harnesses the power of Big Data to enable improvements in Workplace Wellness across London.
The campaign can be followed across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook on #TIPiWorkWell and #WorkplaceWellness