Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics will be sunsetted – stop collecting data – in 2023, with Google Analytics 4 taking its place entirely. It’s a welcome upgrade offering flexibility and control that also requires a considered setup and taking action now.

Prepare for the future of Google Analytics with GA4

Universal Analytics (GA3) will stop collecting data in 2023 - July for most and October for those using GA360. Its successor, Google Analytics 4, offers businesses more control and flexibility in the collection and assessment of their Analytics data than ever before, which promises the ability to dig deeper into the data and take meaningful, results-impacting business actions from the insights.

There is a lot of change and improvement that comes with Google Analytics 4. At the heart of GA4 is a completely different data model from Universal Analytics, which results in different data and means that data from Universal Analytics cannot be ported into GA4. There are also different routes to reporting that take some getting used to.

We recommend running GA4 alongside Universal Analytics in the run up to sunset. Ensure you are ready for the transition and have comparable data come 2023 by starting to collect GA4 data now.

ROAST can help you transition to Google Analytics 4. Whether you need a basic setup to get you started collecting data or are looking to leverage the full power of Google Analytics 4, modernise your data collection and enhance your analysis capabilities, we can help.

Notable Features of Google Analytics 4 

  • Custom control over journey funnel reports with elapsed time between actions 
  • Multiple modes of identity resolution 
  • Data driven attribution is set the default model with the ability to adjust between models easily 
  • Google signals aims to fill the data gap left because of ecosystem and privacy changes 
  • Expanded platform linking that was previously limited to GA360 users 

How Can ROAST Assist?

At ROAST we support you along the journey with GA4, whether the need is simply to get the basics in place or as complex as expanding existing setup to take full advantage of all the GA4 has to offer and putting that data to work. Speak with us about how we can support your unique business challenges and data needs.

Implementation Complexity Levels

  • Getting Started: Getting the basics in place with a fundamental GA4 implementation.
  • Enrichment: Enhancing the breadth and richness of data captured by your GA4 property.
  • Making Connections: Integrating GA4 data with media platforms and business systems.
  • Full Turbo: Activation and testing based on GA4 data.

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