ROAST run bespoke training sessions, with clear objectives and agreed deliverables from the outset. We craft and deliver a training scheme to address your unique needs and business requirements. This personalisation follows an in-depth discovery phase carried out at the initial consultancy period.

We offer a range of different types of training to suit whatever your needs are. Our training includes:

  • Face-to-face Team Training: half/full day training sessions to cover off agreed topics and learnings.
  • Online Training: a course of four/six hour long online training sessions.
  • Personal Training: one-on-one training course for personal development.

We don't just offer training in one discipline, we cover SEO, Google Analytics, Paid Search/PPC and Paid Social.

  • SEO: Evolution of SEO and where Google are now, ranking factors, local search, breakdown of search result type, optimisation of a page, answer box optimisation, structure considerations, use of schema, key phrases research, third party tools, reporting and SEO integration with PPC.
  • Google Analytics: Our Google Analytics training can be tailored to those with no experience of the platform or for existing users looking to build upon their existing knowledge. Training can cover topics such as how GA        tracking works, integration with Google Tag Manager, approach to conversion tracking, using dashboards, custom reports, attribution models and campaign tracking. During the training session we use real examples and data from your website.
  • Paid Search/PPC: full training of all areas of the AdWords universe, including account and campaign structure, KW building, ad copy recommendations, targeting options and settings, YouTube, Google Display Network and also App install campaigns.
  • Paid Social: full training across all major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Account setup, campaign creation, ad type and targeting selection.

All of our training schemes can:

  • Suit any level of seniority
  • Cover multiple markets, sectors and disciplines
  • Provide training assets that can be rolled out company-wide
  • Be hosted at ROAST, your office, or an alternative venue.

In addition to the training sessions, ROAST provides a suggested further education package including; reading schedule, exams and qualifications.

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