Insightful thinking

At ROAST, we are always striving to drive ROI for our clients. One way in which we do this is by exploring new trends, ad types, devices and tactics to connect with your audience, in the right way. We produce insightful, downloadable whitepapers which aim to better the digital activity of our clients and peers.

How Brands are Leveraging Behavioural Biases in PPC Ad Copy: An Analysis of the Mortgage Market

When it comes to understanding why and how consumers make purchase decisions, Behavioural Economics is increasingly becoming the first port of call for marketers. This study takes learnings from the field and applies them to a rigorous interrogation of PPC ad copy in the mortgage sector, using Natural Language Processing to analyse which behavioural biases are being leveraged by mortgage brands as they compete for attention in the SERP.

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The Cookie Conundrum

As Google look to phase out third-party cookies by 2022 we look at what the shift will mean for the future of digital. The Cookie Conundrum explains what cookies are, how they are used and what brands can do to ensure that their digital marketing effectiveness doesn't suffer when the cookie finally crumbles.

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Digital Marketing for Healthcare Report

Digital Marketing for Healthcare can be complex, and with the disruptive influence of COVID-19 the landscape is only getting harder to navigate. Our report breaks it down channel-by-channel, giving actionable insights to help Healthcare brands optimise their digital strategies and achieve meaningful growth.

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A Shifting Landscape: The Gambling Industry during and after COVID-19

The wave of disruption caused by the pandemic has shifted the landscape of the Gambling Industry. Our whitepaper identifies and analyses key trends and shows how brands can win during and after COVID-19.

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Understanding the SERP Landscape

In the age of zero click searches, knowing your search landscape is more important than ever. The fight SEOs have to win is increasingly harder, and the battlefield is constantly changing.

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Voice Search Vertical Report - Q3 2018

The second running of the Voice Search Vertical Report. By carrying out research across over 10,000 key phrases, over 23 verticals, over the course of a month, we have uncovered numerous insights into the opportunities that sit within Voice Search. This report compares Q2 2018 to Q3 2018.

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The Effectiveness of Contextual Targeting

25th May 2018 saw the new EU regulation, GDPR, come into effect, potentially disrupting the way we buy digital media. In April 2018, ROAST and Teads launched a campaign to discover the impact GDPR is going to have, and if there are precautions we can put in place by examining our sitelists pre-campaign that will minimize the effect a smaller amount of 3rd party data in the digital marketplace will be.

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Voice Search Vertical Report - Q2 2018

Following on from our initial whitepaper, we’re taking a deep dive into Voice Search - reporting across 23 different verticals. By carrying out research across over 10,000 key phrases, over the course of a month, we have uncovered numerous insights into the opportunities that sits within Voice Search.

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Voice Search Ranking Report

Since the launch of smart speakers with built-in assistants, such as the Amazon Echo (Nov 2014) and Google Home (Nov 2017), we’ve been interested in the mechanics of voice search, how people are using the devices and how our clients could engage with these interactions. In this whitepaper, we’ve explored Voice Search at Keyword level to provide an insight into this growing area of your marketing strategy.

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