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Surpassing paid media goals by over 50% in travel client's peak month
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A travel company specialising in affordable luxury holidays, hotels, tours & more.
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Luxury travel company, Best at Travel, sought to bring about a steep YoY growth of PPC leads during the competitive peak month within the travel industry – January. Despite having a much-reduced budget YoY, it was also imperative to maintain high quality leads allowing strong overall business revenue growth.



To fulfil these objectives, ROAST recognised the need to align several strategic approaches to the most suitable functionalities of the AdWords platform:

Growth. ROAST utilised tactics which would allow growth of traffic volume over and above our competitor set within the high net worth target audience. These included the full roll out of expanded text ads, test and learn bid strategies and a heavy mobile search presence.

Efficiency. ROAST adopted an audience-centric approach that ensured this expansion of volume came as efficiently as possible. By adopting a tiered approach to our Customer Match campaigns (whereby past converters were segmented by value of holiday) ROAST opened the ability to tailor our activity for those users deemed to be of the highest potential value. Use of site remarketing allowed ROAST to tailor our activity for past users depending upon the products they had previously viewed.

Quality. To balance volume increases with quality, ROAST and Best at Travel ensured that the onsite experience was tailored to help users find the easiest route to conversion (phone call, email, online booking etc.). PPC activity was tailored by destination and product type, recognising that different areas would require varying lag times to convert leads into revenue.

YoY increase in PPC lead volume (52% ahead of target)
YoY reduction in PPC media spend (47% ahead of target)
reduction in cost per lead
increase in overall business revenue (8% ahead of target)

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ROAST prepared well with an aligned approach based around the strategic goals of our business and ensured that volume was delivered in line with our team’s specialism. ROAST ensured that we were off to a strong start without missing opportunities and ensuring that we were never chasing target through the month. They provided a service aligned to our own in peak, working outside of normal working hours to ensure our team had the support required to maximise the opportunity in the market and reacting quickly to the needs of our very dynamic business. Without this approach, we would never have seen the success we did in such a crucial period of the year.
Rita Sharma Managing Director