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Challenging ‘price primacy’ yields spectacular results
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Café Rouge, part of Casual Dining Group, is one of the most recognisable restaurant brands in the UK. Founded in 1989, the French-style restaurant currently boasts over 60 sites across the UK.
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In a challenging era where other brands in the casual dining market, such as Jamie’s Italian, have tragically fallen out of favour with consumers, Café Rouge has found PPC to be a crucial channel in turning its longstanding reputation into actual revenue.

Café Rouge tasked ROAST with helping grow the volume of Covers (actual restaurant diners) as well as reducing the Cost Per Cover they were seeing.



The casual dining market attracts consumers across a wide range of demographics and socio-economic groups. From ladies who lunch to teens on dates, there is no clear archetypal Café Rouge customer. However, accepted wisdom suggests that the most important thing that draws these people together is the promise of great value.

At ROAST we decided to challenge this ‘price primacy’ and test our theory that location was in fact more important for casual diners.

Previous ads all focused on showing the deals available at Café Rouge (Breakfast – All Times of day), 25% off and Afternoon Tea. However, these users were looking for a restaurant in their specific location and so we changed the headlines to reflect this. As well as this, users were taken to the restaurant location page they had searched for, rather than a generic offer page.

Although a Brand – Location campaign already existed, there was opportunity to make this more granular per location. For instance, London activity was all grouped together, but we know there are multiple Café Rouges in London and it therefore makes sense to split these out. This is also key in London with a high tourist density to ensure people know the restaurant is close by.



Comparing to Q3 of 2018, the new account structure and geographical strategy increased covers by 41% and overall Cost per Cover has decreased by 20%.

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ROAST’s Paid Media team are true specialists in their field. Their relentless optimisation and innovation has helped us achieve excellent results for Café Rouge.
Melanie Mack Head of Digital