Building automation tools for the in-house team of a major financial services comparison website
The client
GoCompare is one of the UK’s leading price comparison sites.
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The objective of the Automation project for GoCompare was to streamline the efforts of a major comparison website’s in house PPC team. ROAST created bespoke tools, a system of automated alerts and real-time dashboard which made it easier for them to manage their various google ads accounts. The project was launched to save the client time and money, whilst trialling a new service for ROAST.



The project was split into two stages: the first stage was to create bespoke tools to audit the google ads accounts, and the second stage was to create a system of automated alerts to monitor key metrics.

The key thrust behind the project was simplification – streamlining the process of managing cumbersome accounts.

With usability front of mind, the first step was to create a dashboard which could easily visualise the current health of a google ads account. This dashboard gave an overview of the client’s 14 accounts at MCC level with top level metrics split out by device and could be filtered by

  • Ad extension coverage
  • Historical quality score
  • Audience and targeting scores

This software provided actionable insights for the team on which ad groups were missing any of the above. This was done by providing a google sheet export of any ad groups that did not meet the thresholds in the script that analyses all the data.

The second stage was to create automated email alerts that would tell the team when there had been significant CTR changes, CPC changes, impression share changes, CPA changes (split by desktop and mobile), quality score changes or average position changes.



The automation service saves the client team on average 250 hours per week (based on how long it would take to manually pull and analyse all the reports the script does) and thus has given room for the team to focus on overarching campaign strategy.

Secondarily, and most significantly, the tool became an effective business tool. By alerting the team to changes in key metrics, the team was able to identify change in the market from competition and raise this internally with GoCompare’s Product Team. The Product Team were able to adjust pricing quickly and feedback to media divisions in GoCompare allowing them to roll out a more competitive message to the market, reducing the impact of competition by protecting key traffic and conversion metrics.

The client was so happy with our work that they have referred My Voucher Codes to us, with whom we have now commenced working.

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