Friday ROASTing with Ed Squires
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing with Ed Squires

Ed Squires • 24/04/2020

Each month we sit down with one of our ROASTies to find out what makes them tick, what they love about their job and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. In the hot seat today – Ed, Senior Paid Media Executive 

You are a Senior Paid Media Executive at ROAST, what does this role entail?

I work directly with clients to advise and implement campaigns across Paid Search and Social platforms in order to achieve a variety KPIs. Having previously worked across a wide set of clients and industries the challenges for each client vary enormously. In some cases it can be increasing the volume of traffic to site, whilst others prioritise efficiency in performance with a target ROI or CPA.


What part of Paid Media do you find the most satisfying?

I have always loved a challenge, something that is going to test the skills I’ve learnt in a novel scenario. I think for me the most satisfying part of working in paid media is being presented with a hurdle and overcoming it. If you can alleviate a client’s concerns/challenges, no matter how small, it really adds a strong sense of accomplishment. I have the pleasure to work with great clients, and gaining their trust to find a solution for them is something that I pride myself on.


You are a lover of a TIPi Group Social – what sets ours apart?

For me, moving to London was a big step, and something that moved me out of a comfort zone. Moving to London meant leaving friends, family, and swapping an amazing town, for a city I swore I’d never live in. The reason I took the leap of faith was purely to move to TIPi Group. Everything about the company has felt welcoming, and supportive. To make such a transition, meant that I needed to settle into the work family quickly. The company make it easy to get involved in day to day life, but I was most appreciative of softball. For those that don’t know, softball is sort of mix of baseball and rounders. On my second day we had a match after work. Going to support was the best thing that I could have done, and I would advise anyone to get involved. Sport has always been something I have loved, but it really emphasised the importance of a social environment. TIPi Group socials can take a lot of organisation, just ask anyone that’s tried, but that level of effort really pays off in the supportive atmosphere that you feel around the company. Utilising that culture within the company encourages new ideas, drives the company dynamic forward, and pushes us into new opportunities.

What do you think about the role of automation in the future of PPC & Paid Media?

Automation is going to have a huge part to play in every industry, and Paid Media is no different. Automated strategies are going to become a great tool for any advertiser to capitalise on, however, one area it is going to struggle with is the context of the marketing. Advertisers are going to need to continue developing their knowledge around which strategy is most suited to each client or campaign. I’m sure a lot of people have seen the film Blade Runner. In the 1982 film, what stood out for me was not how it was always raining in LA, but how the producers were confident that advertising still had a strong role to play when looking ~37 years into the future. If I were to look at the roles that marketers will play in 37 years, I think automation will have a significant role in the optimisation and bid management of campaigns, however, the management of the strategy-type and contextual requirements for a client will be directed outside of automated controls.


You recently went to Australia, if you could suggest one place for someone to visit, where would it be?

Australia was an amazing opportunity and a huge surprise to me. I managed to fit a lot into 3 weeks, and really understood why anyone who goes out there considers moving there. If I were to advise anyone on where to go, I would have to say Melbourne. If you live/work in London, you will love Melbourne. There are a lot of similarities between the two, both built around rivers, both consisting of high rise CBDs, but the key difference was the pace of life (and weather). The slower pace, and the incredible sports venues made Melbourne to best city I have been to abroad. That being said, I still need to visit Brisbane, as apparently that is just as good.


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