Running, dodging and growing: TIPi Group took on Movember for a great cause
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Running, dodging and growing: TIPi Group took on Movember for a great cause

ROAST • 10/12/2019

Movember is the leading charity dedicated to changing the face of men’s health around the world. Their message is clear, our fathers, partners, brother and friends are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. One of the main aims of Movember is to encourage men to take action so that they can live happier, healthier and longer lives. The three critical areas that Movember invest in are: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health & suicide prevention. We knew this was a cause more than worthy of our attention, a cause that TIPi Group could get behind this November.

Our Challenge: The 60:60 and the Mo Bro’s

This Movember at TIPi Group, we ran, walked, grew moustaches and raised money for the men in our lives. Everyone who was taking part was set the challenge of doing 60km of any form of exercise across the month. In total, we travelled 2,116.28km which could have got us as far as Saint Petersburg! This was phenomenal effort from everyone involved.
As well as moving throughout the month, we also took part in a dodgeball tournament run by Movember. Despite our relative inexperience on the dodgeball court (none whatsoever), we won 4 out of our nine games with the highlight being a hard-fought victory over Team Google.

The final event of the month was our Pub Quiz which doubled up as a House Event. After six rounds of intense quizzing and debating, Stuffing, a house underdog, emerged as the victors and were crowned as quiz champions.


Putting our money where our mouth is…

Across the course of the month, we ended up raising £2,769 for Movember! This is an incredible effort for our first year of fundraising with every single penny going towards an amazing cause and changing the face of men’s health globally.
Thank you to everyone who contributed towards our fundraising this month, and to all our bro’s and sista’s who were involved!
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