Friday ROASTing – Christmas Special with Elinor and Jamie
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Friday ROASTing – Christmas Special with Elinor and Jamie

ROAST • 20/12/2019

Each month, we sit down with one of our ROASTies to find out what makes them tick, what they love about their job and our company culture here at ROAST. Since its Christmas, we thought we could bring you a ROASTing with more trimmings, so here you have it, a ROASTing with Elinor from Content, and Jamie from Marketing and Insights, taking a look at what they loved in 2019 in the marketing world and beyond. 

Is there anything you are ready to leave behind in 2019?

Elinor: It’s got to be, people wearing their rucksacks on the Northern Line at rush hour, oh and single use plastics.

Jamie: People saying ‘It is what it is”.

Everyone loves a Christmas dinner, but what is the best bit?

Elinor: It’s got to be roast potatoes.

Jamie: Hands down, pigs in blankets.

Elinor: I forgot about pigs in blankets, I want pigs in blankets.


Can you think of one defining media moment of the year?

Elinor: Coleen Rooney’s dramatic uncovering of Rebecca Vardy’s discretions against her on Instagram, a.k.a, WAG Gate definitely takes the cake, or the Christmas pudding.

Jamie: Not really a ‘moment’ per se, but Sky Sports deciding to put all their premier league highlights on Youtube was great for football fans, and also from a Marketing perspective it’s a really interesting piece of big-picture strategy.


Tell me your dream Christmas dinner guests

Elinor: Father Christmas (of course), Ian McKellen, David Attenborough , Lewis Capaldi and Chrissy Teigen.

Jamie: Kylie Minogue, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Peter Crouch. I think they’d all get on like a house on fire.


Elinor, you work in Content, can you tell me what your favourite campaign of the year was?

Maiiro for sure, it was a really fun campaign to work on because the client gave us a lot of freedom to be creative and come up with a really ambitious idea, ‘Pack of Lies’. We also addressed a global issue in the campaign – the plastic problem – which made it really interesting to speak to journalists about and something I could genuinely get behind while I was doing the PR and outreach for the campaign.

Jamie, you work in Marketing and Insights, tell me what the biggest marketing achievement of the year was for you?

Winning Digital Agency of the year at The Drum Agency Business Awards was a real highlight for me, it was an acknowledgement of the hard work that the whole group has been putting in, we are very proud to have won this accolade!

Lastly, is there a brand out there that which either of you would love to work with?

Elinor: Innocent,  I absolutely love their social media, they seem to constantly smash it and make genuinely engaging and hilarious content, not taking themselves too seriously. I think it would be really fun to work with a brand like that and get really creative with how they present themselves.

Jamie: For me it would be Red Bull,  their marketing ethos is so unique and powerful. They’ve come from nowhere to become one of the most salient brands of the decade. Also, I’m quite into extreme sports so I’d love to go to some of their events.


…and that’s it folks, Merry Christmas from us at ROAST and TIPi Group. If you like what you read, take a read of our most recent ROASTing, or have a read of our Christmas Insights project, The 12 Shoppers of Christmas, to see what kind of shopper you, your family or friends are!